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                                                Sara Mali 
        A world of beauty, adornment, culture, craft, & tradition 



Sara Mali is the coming together of many passions. Named after my two grandmothers from whom I inherited both a passion for creating, Sarah who sewed her own clothes and beaded her own necklaces and a true storyteller, and as well as collecting and trading, Molly who was an antiques jewelry dealer.  

As the child of artists and curious thinkers, my life was shaped by art and culture. Informally, I passionately pursued both dance and craft, and although I had more classical training in both arts I was always drawn towards traditional cultural forms of expression from around the world. I was always interested in the meaning and cultural context and story behind motifs and movement, colour, and ornamentation. Formally I was trained in fine arts and hold both a diploma in jewelry – silver and goldsmithing from the École des Métiers du Sud-Ouest de Montreal, as well as bachelors degree in cultural anthropology from Concordia University. 

The different Sara Mali collections are the gathering of my love for designing, creating, and working with my hands, and the passion and appreciation for the crafts of others and earthly treasures.  





















Sara Mali Jewelry 

Inspired by ethnic jewelry and traditional adornement from around the world, Sara Mali reflects artist my years of cultural studies, folkloric dance, and travels. Drawing from universal motifs and textures from Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, Sara Mali creates timeless original designs that tell a story and transport the wearer. All Sara Mali jewelry is  handmade in sterling silver, and other noble metals, and semi-precious stones, using age-old traditional silversmithing technique in our workshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 


Akal Imports 

A finely curated collection of silver jewelry and fine crafts from various artists from around the world. The jewelry is mixed sourced from Kulu Trading, importers of fine silver jewelry who work with artists in Bali, India, and Thailand, as well as special pieces collected from our personal travels.  



A collection of natural treasures carefully selected from our suppliers at Kulu Trading and other wholesale gem suppliers. All our stones are authentic semi-precious stones, carefully selected for their quality. 

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