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Do you make all this? 

I make the Sara Mali jewelry by hand in my workshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I use traditional silversmithing techniques to handmake almost every part, including the earwires. Only chains and certain findings, and stones, are purchased.  


The Akal Collection come from various sources. I work with my dear friends from Kulu Trading who work closely with artisan families in India, Indonesia, and Thailand for an amazing quality of silver jewelry. 

Other vintage and ethnic pieces I collect during travels and will always indicate their source. 

The gemstones, created with love by Mother Earth. 


What are the materials used?

All Sara Mali jewlery is made in sterling silver 925. Certain models can be reproduced in 14k gold (yellow, rose, or white) upon request. Sometimes brass or copper are used in a design as well.  

Most of the Akal collection is always sterling silver but certain antique or ethnic pieces in our Akal collections that have been carefully chosen from my travels are made with 900 silver or other mixes and will always be indicated to the best of my knowledge. 

All our stones, for jewelry or crystals are authentic semi-precious gemstones collected from our reputable sources of gemstone vendors. 

Can I wear this jewelry if I have allergies? 

All our sterling silver jewelry is nickel free, including the earwires, so should reduce sensitivities to those who are allergic.  

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes due to oxidization. The best way to care for your silver jewelry is to store it in a jewelry box or other container so to avoid or reduce this process. The easiest way to clean your jewelry is to use a polishing cloth, soft, quick and easy, and sure not to harm any stones. Avoid using commercial products such as creams as they may damage stones. 

For more indepth details on car see our Care page.

Do you do custom orders? 

I don’t offer custom orders at this time. 

Can you make a special size or stone combo for an item?

We try to make standard sizes for our bracelets and choose popular stones but Yes it is possible to request a special size or stone choice for an item. We don't carry all stones but do have a wide selection.

Contact us for a special order and to see our stone selection.

How do I know my size of bracelet or ring?

For a stretch bracelet you just need to measure your wrist size. 

For a rigid bracelet you need to measure the size of your fist at the knuckles and also wrist size.

To know your ring size you can stop by a jewelry store and they will be able to measure your fingers and let you know your size.

How long does it take to get my item? 

Some items are ready to ship and can be processed in 2-3 days, but if I need to produce the item it can take up to a week (7 days) to 10 days to make.  

For shipping estimate times please see our Shipping page.

Do you repair a broken item?

We do offer repairs on our Sara Mali jewelry. However each piece needs to be evaluated for technical details.

In the case of a damaged item form one of our other collections please contact us for an evaluation. 

I lost an earring, can you make another one? 

Sadly this happens to lose one earring. We can replace most of our Sara Mali handmade earrings if necessary, however not for our imported collection as we do have mulitples. Please contact us directly for more information. 

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